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Bakerdays Cake!

This week was my brothers 40th birthday and I had no idea what to get him. I really wanted something that could be personalised and unique. Whilst searching high and low, still, I couldn’t find anything.

Later on, that week I was approached by a company called Bakerdays to try out their products. This was ideal for me. Now, ladies, you know that I only recommend the best.  Here’s my recommendation checklist:

  1. Great Customer Service. (This is key, I don’t care how good your product is without great customer service, I wouldn’t go back, customers need to feel valued).
  2. Great Products.
  3. Easy to navigate website
  4. Delivery including next day delivery.
  5. Great Value for money.

At Simply Ladies Incorporation, we look out for those things because as a customer time is of the essence and knowing that you are going to receive exactly what you’ve paid for is imperative.

So I proceeded to order a personalised cake, with a picture of my brother when he was 9 with a message saying happy birthday and his name.

When it came down to the cake design, there were so many options to chose from I was spoilt for choice! I finally chose the hot air balloon design and uploaded the picture, it was as easy to do as 123, to my surprise there were different cake types options i.e.

  • Lovely Lemon Drizzle
  • Dairy free cake
  • Rich Chocolate Chip
  • Traditional Sponge
  • Gluten wheat free sponge
  • Half chocolate half sponge

I was extremely impressed by this, as it showed me that Bakerdays thought about all dietary types this way this doesn’t exclude anyone.

I then went on to chose the lemon drizzle and for it to be delivered as a letterbox cake. YES! I said it a CAKE that can fit through your LETTERBOX! How cool is that!! And because I ordered before 2 pm I was able to opt for Next day delivery.

The arrival.

I was so excited to see what the cake looked like, it arrived the next day in time for my brothers exact birth date. He loved it and so did I. It came in a beautiful tin with small holes around the outside so that air could get, that way the cake can stay fresher for longer. When I opened it had a lovely card inside. It was just beautiful, perfect size and the taste was amazing.

The price of a letterbox cake is £14.99 which I think is reasonable for what you get. Great value for money. 

Be sure to check out Bakerdays website  for upcoming discounted offers.

I highly recommend this company for its easy to navigate the site, great customer service, loved that when we tagged them on Instagram they responded to us which shows that I was a valued customer, fantastic product, it’s a nationwide service,  exceeding our expectations and at a great price.

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