Our Fashion Show made the newspapers

What a few weeks it has been, can you believe it, we made the front page of the newspaper! The Yorkshire Evening Post to be precise.

It was unreal! I am so grateful for the coverage that we have had over the event and over the event and over the cause.

The show.. So as you may know, I really wanted this show to be all about “Real Women” real women meaning ordinary women from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes and all ages, the youngest being 11-63.

As this was my first fashion show I wanted it to be perfect. I’ve been promoting wake and Bmintage on our website for a while but I wanted to bring more awareness to their brands as they work so hard and they are so talented I felt that more of the public needed to know about what they do.

We started the planning of the event in August (Beulah Bmintage & Jordan from Wake) to have the show in September for fashion week but we soon realised that it was going to take much longer to get the show the way that we wanted regarding promotion.

We met every week and had lunch on Banyan to organise all of the logistics of the event. We held auditions for the show and we ended up meeting 20 models who were all nervous about taking part in the show as they never thought that they could actually do it.

Little did they know how proud I was for them even taking part. All of the ladies that took part in the show looked amazing, they all overcame something. I later found that some had left abusive relationships, some insecurities, others had become so engulfed with parenting that they became depressed and insecure and afraid to come out. So them even applying was huge and I am so grateful for that.

I am so glad that this was a great success and I can not wait for the next one on March 8th 2018.

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