Serena Williams opens up about postnatal emotions

Last week I read a really moving post from Serena Williams via Instagram. She opened up about her battle with postnatal emotions. This encouraged so many other mothers including fellow celebrities i.e. Kandi Burruss and myself to open up about their journey as mothers the way that we feel, after having a child. When I became a mother for the first time I was 20 being so young I had no clue what to expect after I gave birth. All that knew was that I was in love with my boyfriend and wanted to have a family. Never did it cross my mind how I’d actually feel after having my baby. Sadly, when I gave birth around day 3, I felt really disconnected from my baby, that’s the best way to describe it. It was such a strange feeling. I didn’t expect it, I thought that I would have my baby and live happily ever after but the beginning stages wasn’t like that at all. Not only that I felt so ashamed and guilty about how I felt that I didn’t say anything till day 6 when my emotions were uncontrollable. I broke down and had a massive cry and spoke to my sister and mother about what I was feeling. It was really hard because most of my friends were 20 and didn’t have children I was so blessed to have my family. Opening up was the best thing that I could have done. They told me about their experiences of motherhood, how they felt, how people they knew felt at that time. A weight was lifted. Its comforting to know that someone else has felt like you have felt because when you keep your thoughts to yourself you feel like you are the only one going through it when that couldn’t be further from the truth. By the time I spoke to my midwife I felt much better. She told me that I had baby blues which is thought to be linked to hormonal changes that happen during the week after giving birth. She told me that it was normal and that 8 out of 10 women experience this. I had my second child 6 years later and I did feel anxious about how I’d feel after my son was born. However, with Zechariah, it was completely different. I did have a random cry on day six for no reason at all, but after that cry, I felt back to my usual self. Ladies, the power of communication is key! Speak to someone, talk about it via our Facebook group if you feel comfortable (our ladies are amazing!), book in a session with a lifecoach, speak to your doctor, friends or family any one you trust as a problem shared is a problem halved. O & X’s

A picture can hide so many real emotions.

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