I won my Disrepair claim

I began my disrepair claim against Leeds City Council four years ago just after my partner passed away. When I went to view the house my sister and my 9-week old premature baby niece fell through the floor of one of the bedrooms whilst we were viewing the property (which I was told was safe). It was awful! I refused to accept the property and was told if I didn’t take it I was intentionally making myself homeless. I couldn’t really take on the fight with them as I had just lost my partner and I just wanted to settle down with my 6-month-old baby and my 6-year-old, so with the reassurance that everything was safe I accepted it. With little money, I paid for someone to decorate the entire house (fresh start).

Within a month of me living in the house, I found a lot of repairs that needed doing so as you do, I reported them all to the council. I waited and waited for weeks. When they finally came out I was told that nothing was wrong, that only my taps needed doing.
One in particular, which was a leak from the soil stack in bathroom coming down to the kitchen.

Rusty and rotten and leaking, the council told me that this was a new system errrm I think not!

The council sent out one of their surveyor who said that it was nothing. Fast forward to 6 months later when I was in the kitchen and my roof collapsed and water went everywhere. There was a massive hole in my kitchen (the same kitchen ceiling that my sister fell through). I was at breaking point, so stressed, this was supposed to be a fresh start for my family after we had just been through so much. The water from the leak went into my microwave, and onto my toaster which damaged it. So I had no microwave, no toaster and a big hole in my kitchen ceiling (Thanks!). When I called my area manager even he was in full agreement that they had to accept liability for this as I had been complaining to him constantly.

From one hole to two!

When I began working at Michael Lewin Solicitors I learned a few things about liability and I knew this was a definite claim. I rang initially to see if I was right and that I did have a claim which they vetted and came back to me straight away and began work. Within 6 months I have all the work is done in my house (every single room) and negotiated a settlement (which I wasn’t expecting).

The reason why I decided to do this post is that so many people suffer because of the lack of care from either the council or from their landlords. As tenants, they have a duty of care for you to live peacefully in their property and if there is a breach of this I would urge you to seek professional legal help. I lived in my home 3 1/2 years with broken promises and just one call to the professionals changed things for me and my family for the better.

I would recommend using Michael Lewin Solicitors (referred by Simply Ladies inc) the go-to firm to use. They deal with claims nationwide and they are experts in their fields which is reassuring. Please call our number 01133934295 or email info@simplyladiesinc.com if you would like to be referred to my recommended solicitors.

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