Real Women’s Fashion Show.

Too often models are expected to be airbrushed, a certain size or height. Our fashion shows embrace the diversity of what Real women are. Which is, that we all are different, and it’s those differences that make the world more interesting.

Here at Simply Ladies inc, we promote designers that share the same ethos by providing them a platform to show their exclusive designs from their collections.
Another exciting part of our show is that all of our models are everyday women from all walks of life. All different but with the same goal, which is to celebrate and live their best lives being a woman.


Nominate Your Shero!

There are so many women  who do amazing things in business and in the community yet year after year they go unnoticed for all of the hard work they do, the love that they give or the struggles they go through which are sometimes never spoken or seen.

Whilst working at Simply ladies inc, I am in regular contact with so many businesses. It was then I realised that they’re so many women who are winning in business. Literally, most of the businesses that we work with are women owned! Or women are at the top position,  Yasss Ladies!! What a time to be alive we are simply winning!

Not only we are winning in life but, these women are also, mothers, entrepreneurs, wives, doctors, directors, therapists, carers, cleaners, cancer patients or like myself entrepreneur’s. You know this is on of my greatest saying but I’ll say it again “We are every woman”. So what greater time but to bring women in business and in the community together and to celebrate and award those who truly deserve it, our women hero’s (SHERO’S).

Another thing that I noticed was that most of the awards ceremonies are based around women in business and not the people in the community that do the most, that volunteer their time to help others, who like police officers that sacrifice their holidays to keep our streets and communities safe who literally lay their life on the line 24 hours a day, those mental health professionals that are on call on Christmas day, the Samaritans that are waiting on the other line to save someone from suicide and after doing their job having to walk home with the guilt of not spending enough time with their families and becoming distant with their friends.

For this reason we want to give you a show to remember. We’ll be starting the show off with our ‘Real Woman’ fashion show. These amazing ladies women come from all walks of life, and are not your everyday models but have all taken up the challenge to do something empowering to all women. They will be showcasing  designs from celebrity designer Wake LTD, Award Winning Drunk in Love Couture and Award Winning What’s your Skirt Designer’s exclusive new designs.

Too often these unsung heroes go unnoticed, I vowed that 2019 I would do my best to bring awareness to not only women in business but to women in general. The women at work, the woman that has cancer or a survivor the charities just to name a few. The gala will be a true representation of what the women of Yorkshire are all about. Ladies


Throughout the night we will be raising money for St. Gemma’s hospice where 50% of all money raised on the night will be donated to charity and the other half will be put back into arranging more events for the women of Yorkshire who truly deserve to be supported in all that they do.


Bellow is the list of categories if you would like to nominate a SHERO, Please send their name, email and the category that you want to nominate her  to Don’t let another year go past without your SHERO getting the recognition that she deserves. xoxo

Award show categories are out.

Rising star

Freelancer of the year award

Girl Boss of the Year

Person with purpose Award

Outstanding Entrepreneur award

Mentor of the year award

The business of the year

The agent of change Award

Small business Award

Medium business award (250+)

Freelance Photographer Award

One to watch award

Contribution to the arts award

Contribution to music

Best restaurant

Best customer service award

Best Bespoke designer award

Unsung hero award

Woman in business award

Mumpreneur award

The woman in the community award

Outstanding charity award

Making a difference award

Instagram star award

Social media award

Health and well-being provider award

Best Luxury spa award

Inspirational woman Award


Our Fashion Show made the newspapers

What a few weeks it has been, can you believe it, we made the front page of the newspaper! The Yorkshire Evening Post to be precise.

It was unreal! I am so grateful for the coverage that we have had over the event and over the event and over the cause.

The show.. So as you may know, I really wanted this show to be all about “Real Women” real women meaning ordinary women from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes and all ages, the youngest being 11-63.

As this was my first fashion show I wanted it to be perfect. I’ve been promoting wake and Bmintage on our website for a while but I wanted to bring more awareness to their brands as they work so hard and they are so talented I felt that more of the public needed to know about what they do.

We started the planning of the event in August (Beulah Bmintage & Jordan from Wake) to have the show in September for fashion week but we soon realised that it was going to take much longer to get the show the way that we wanted regarding promotion.

We met every week and had lunch on Banyan to organise all of the logistics of the event. We held auditions for the show and we ended up meeting 20 models who were all nervous about taking part in the show as they never thought that they could actually do it.

Little did they know how proud I was for them even taking part. All of the ladies that took part in the show looked amazing, they all overcame something. I later found that some had left abusive relationships, some insecurities, others had become so engulfed with parenting that they became depressed and insecure and afraid to come out. So them even applying was huge and I am so grateful for that.

I am so glad that this was a great success and I can not wait for the next one on March 8th 2018.

Simply Fashion Show

It’s that time again! This time it’s all about fashion! We have been working with some HUGE Brands lately, i.e. Pretty little thing, Simplybe, Tedbaker, Jack Wills, Dorethy Perkins, Misguided, Bmintage & Wake to name a few. In aid of the up and coming Fashion week we want to allow all of you lovely ladies the chance to see some of them in the true Simply Ladies inc style which is fun, classy, inspirational and affordable for all. So get your friends together for a night to remember.

Entry, prosecco, canapés, Simply Ladies inc goody bag, which is filled with freebies like free make up, skin care, vouchers and some surprise elements ☺️

Prizes to be won, opportunities to purchase what you see and a chance to network with people in the Industry and meet some of our amazing members.

Stalls available: please email Carron to purchase yours:


The Old Post Office

2 City Square




Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa

Ladies, most of us have busy lives whether it’s being a busy Mum, working all the time or a busy student it’s always nice to take some time out to be pampered and to relax. So when choosing a spa & hotel location class and luxury goes a long way.

This is what we found at Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa. From the friendly staff to the relaxing therapeutic treatments at the spa and the amazing food in the c ourtyard we had a great experience from start to finish.

A break down of our day.

We started the day off with a tour around the hotel grounds. What was nice was that the hotel had so many as I would like to call it hidden treasures. There was always somewhere to go an relax. On a hot day, you could have your lunch outside As there was an eating area outside.

Also near here, there was a lovely garden which would be lovely for wedding pictures and for kids to play in.

Ideal for wedding photos


We decided that we would have our lunch in the courtyard. As we were children free we decided to have o have a couple of cocktails to celebrate our new found freedom. Our waiter Dan, told us that he was the best at making porn star martini’s so we both ordered two.After our drinks we ordered lunch, we both decided to order seafood which was not a regret from the first bite I was blown away by the flavours. The prawns and the fish platter is something that I’d definitely order again.


Our member Beulah receiving her foot massage

We were booked in for two taster treatments one being neck and back massage and the other being a foot massage. Firstly, the staff were welcoming and friendly throughout the whole experience. They used Caudalie which is a natural product that is used, not only did my skin feel amazing afterwards but it smelt divine. I like the fact that you can purchase the products as well and that the staff members knew all about it.

Would I recommend?

Indeed! Thorpe Park Hotel is a beautiful destination. I like the attention to detail. How the building flows, such as the games outside the conference rooms to keep people entertained, the refreshments, the knowledge the staff have of their products, how down to earth they are as well. The ladies in the spa went above and beyond. Additionally, I liked the fact that in the relaxation room there were little nibbles and smoothies free of charge very impressive. The food and drink in the courtyard were lovely I’d definitely return.



  • Free wifi

    Showing your membership card grants you member-only discounts.

  • Spacious
  • Fantastic food
  • Reasonable Price
  • Members receive complimentary bubbly in their rooms
  • Great discounts on day rates for members.
  • Great for businesses
  • Just off the motorway
  • You can not hear any traffic from the bedrooms.

Facial Aesthetics by Dr.Jaskaren

At Simply Ladies inc, we find the best products and services for our members. Not only that we only promote services that we would use ourselves. Which are we make sure that each product or service is tried, tested and verified before we promote them?

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting in with Dr Jaskaren whilst she gave two Simply Ladies members cosmetic treatments which were Botox® and Lip Fillers.

To be honest with you I have always been a bit sceptical about cosmetic procedures as I have seen so many celebrities get it so wrong.

Lil Kim before and after surgery.

However, after watching and listening to what actually happens and the reasons why people choose to have cosmetic treatments, I left with a whole new perspective. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that everyone should change something about their face as you maybe 100% happy with the way that you look and if that’s the case I applaud you. Why shouldn’t you feel comfortable in your own skin? However, there are women who don’t for many different reasons. I asked the ladies from our Simply Ladies Facebook group “if they were offered free cosmetic surgery would you accept it? If yes, what would they have done?” The results were varied, many women after having children say that they feel run down, they look older due to lack of sleep, constant running around after their family and the pressure of making sure that they look great for their partners as well as themselves due to the above,  this causes can cause anxiety, depression and insecurities.

What is Botox®?

Botox® is the trade name for the toxin botulinum toxin A. Which is a substance injected into the skin which is known to inhibit muscle movement, and that can prevent wrinkles from developing or worsening.

Botox® freezes muscle movement by blocking neurotransmitters and this effect lasts for 4-6 months this means you will need top-ups a few times a year if you wish to maintain your line-free look.

Once you’ve had Botox® injected, the effects on the muscles usually become apparent within a few days, with the main effects appearing after about a 14 days.

Botox® is a relatively safe treatment, but it should always be undertaken by a qualified medical professional to ensure that you are getting the correct amount in the right area.

What is dermal filler?

Dermal fillers, also known as injectable implants, soft tissue fillers, or wrinkle fillers are medical device implants approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in helping to create a smoother and/or fuller appearance in the face, including nasolabial folds, cheeks and lips and for increasing the volume of the back of the hand.

Due to the response from our members (96% ), it was evident that the ladies were open to the idea of getting treatments done for various different reasons. With the membership club being designed to promote things that people are interested in, I researched the best services. There were so many companies that offered Botox®, lip fillers, fat reduction injections etc. But some of the work on the models were so extreme so I narrowed it down to companies that enhanced their clients’ beauty. I came across a Dr.Jaskaren. The first thing that I thought when I looked at pictures of her clients how natural the treatments looked and most importantly her results. Not only was I impressed by the results of her treatments but I loved her ethos, which was to empower women, to make them feel more confident and to give them a new lease on life.

Simply Ladies treatments

One of the ladies, who opted to have the dermal the lip filler, is a busy mother of two, who literally was pushed for time (as all mums are)  had her lips done. Dr Jaskaren, gave her a consultation and told her about all of the pros and cons and made sure that she felt completely comfortable and informed before she began the treatment.  The procedure took approximately 10 mins from start to finish.  You literally could pop in on your lunch break and still have time left. Below are the actual results of her lip filler. She left happy and satisfied and that bit more confident in herself.




The second lady was a mother of 5  with one child being autistic. As you can imagine, this lady ’s always running around doing so many things for her large family. She often felt exhausted and wanted to look more fresh-faced and alert. She decided on the spot, that she was going to have Botox®. Once again Dr Jaskaren gave her a consultation and then began the treatment. This also was very quick and simple. I was unable to see the results straight away as it can take up to 14 days to see the finished results. She was still extremely excited and happy to be able to get this done.




If you are looking for someone who is trustworthy, genuine, reliable and great at what they do then Dr Jaskaren is the go-to person. Why? For me, it’s her attention to detail and genuine desire to make women feel empowered and uplifted makes her in my eyes a cut above the rest. She takes care of her clients, she makes them feel comfortable and makes sure they get the result that they want. I also like her honesty, if a treatment isn’t going to work for the client she won’t do it.

My star rating

5-star rating.

Feel inspired? Interested in getting a treatment? Check out our offers section for the member-only discount on Dr Jaskaren’s treatments.

Direct contact details are:

O’s & X’s  Carron

Serena Williams opens up about postnatal emotions

Last week I read a really moving post from Serena Williams via Instagram. She opened up about her battle with postnatal emotions. This encouraged so many other mothers including fellow celebrities i.e. Kandi Burruss and myself to open up about their journey as mothers the way that we feel, after having a child. When I became a mother for the first time I was 20 being so young I had no clue what to expect after I gave birth. All that knew was that I was in love with my boyfriend and wanted to have a family. Never did it cross my mind how I’d actually feel after having my baby. Sadly, when I gave birth around day 3, I felt really disconnected from my baby, that’s the best way to describe it. It was such a strange feeling. I didn’t expect it, I thought that I would have my baby and live happily ever after but the beginning stages wasn’t like that at all. Not only that I felt so ashamed and guilty about how I felt that I didn’t say anything till day 6 when my emotions were uncontrollable. I broke down and had a massive cry and spoke to my sister and mother about what I was feeling. It was really hard because most of my friends were 20 and didn’t have children I was so blessed to have my family. Opening up was the best thing that I could have done. They told me about their experiences of motherhood, how they felt, how people they knew felt at that time. A weight was lifted. Its comforting to know that someone else has felt like you have felt because when you keep your thoughts to yourself you feel like you are the only one going through it when that couldn’t be further from the truth. By the time I spoke to my midwife I felt much better. She told me that I had baby blues which is thought to be linked to hormonal changes that happen during the week after giving birth. She told me that it was normal and that 8 out of 10 women experience this. I had my second child 6 years later and I did feel anxious about how I’d feel after my son was born. However, with Zechariah, it was completely different. I did have a random cry on day six for no reason at all, but after that cry, I felt back to my usual self. Ladies, the power of communication is key! Speak to someone, talk about it via our Facebook group if you feel comfortable (our ladies are amazing!), book in a session with a lifecoach, speak to your doctor, friends or family any one you trust as a problem shared is a problem halved. O & X’s

A picture can hide so many real emotions.

Bakerdays Cake!

This week was my brothers 40th birthday and I had no idea what to get him. I really wanted something that could be personalised and unique. Whilst searching high and low, still, I couldn’t find anything.

Later on, that week I was approached by a company called Bakerdays to try out their products. This was ideal for me. Now, ladies, you know that I only recommend the best.  Here’s my recommendation checklist:

  1. Great Customer Service. (This is key, I don’t care how good your product is without great customer service, I wouldn’t go back, customers need to feel valued).
  2. Great Products.
  3. Easy to navigate website
  4. Delivery including next day delivery.
  5. Great Value for money.

At Simply Ladies Incorporation, we look out for those things because as a customer time is of the essence and knowing that you are going to receive exactly what you’ve paid for is imperative.

So I proceeded to order a personalised cake, with a picture of my brother when he was 9 with a message saying happy birthday and his name.

When it came down to the cake design, there were so many options to chose from I was spoilt for choice! I finally chose the hot air balloon design and uploaded the picture, it was as easy to do as 123, to my surprise there were different cake types options i.e.

  • Lovely Lemon Drizzle
  • Dairy free cake
  • Rich Chocolate Chip
  • Traditional Sponge
  • Gluten wheat free sponge
  • Half chocolate half sponge

I was extremely impressed by this, as it showed me that Bakerdays thought about all dietary types this way this doesn’t exclude anyone.

I then went on to chose the lemon drizzle and for it to be delivered as a letterbox cake. YES! I said it a CAKE that can fit through your LETTERBOX! How cool is that!! And because I ordered before 2 pm I was able to opt for Next day delivery.

The arrival.

I was so excited to see what the cake looked like, it arrived the next day in time for my brothers exact birth date. He loved it and so did I. It came in a beautiful tin with small holes around the outside so that air could get, that way the cake can stay fresher for longer. When I opened it had a lovely card inside. It was just beautiful, perfect size and the taste was amazing.

The price of a letterbox cake is £14.99 which I think is reasonable for what you get. Great value for money. 

Be sure to check out Bakerdays website  for upcoming discounted offers.

I highly recommend this company for its easy to navigate the site, great customer service, loved that when we tagged them on Instagram they responded to us which shows that I was a valued customer, fantastic product, it’s a nationwide service,  exceeding our expectations and at a great price.

#bakerdays #Simplythebest

I won my Disrepair claim

I began my disrepair claim against Leeds City Council four years ago just after my partner passed away. When I went to view the house my sister and my 9-week old premature baby niece fell through the floor of one of the bedrooms whilst we were viewing the property (which I was told was safe). It was awful! I refused to accept the property and was told if I didn’t take it I was intentionally making myself homeless. I couldn’t really take on the fight with them as I had just lost my partner and I just wanted to settle down with my 6-month-old baby and my 6-year-old, so with the reassurance that everything was safe I accepted it. With little money, I paid for someone to decorate the entire house (fresh start).

Within a month of me living in the house, I found a lot of repairs that needed doing so as you do, I reported them all to the council. I waited and waited for weeks. When they finally came out I was told that nothing was wrong, that only my taps needed doing.
One in particular, which was a leak from the soil stack in bathroom coming down to the kitchen.

Rusty and rotten and leaking, the council told me that this was a new system errrm I think not!

The council sent out one of their surveyor who said that it was nothing. Fast forward to 6 months later when I was in the kitchen and my roof collapsed and water went everywhere. There was a massive hole in my kitchen (the same kitchen ceiling that my sister fell through). I was at breaking point, so stressed, this was supposed to be a fresh start for my family after we had just been through so much. The water from the leak went into my microwave, and onto my toaster which damaged it. So I had no microwave, no toaster and a big hole in my kitchen ceiling (Thanks!). When I called my area manager even he was in full agreement that they had to accept liability for this as I had been complaining to him constantly.

From one hole to two!

When I began working at Michael Lewin Solicitors I learned a few things about liability and I knew this was a definite claim. I rang initially to see if I was right and that I did have a claim which they vetted and came back to me straight away and began work. Within 6 months I have all the work is done in my house (every single room) and negotiated a settlement (which I wasn’t expecting).

The reason why I decided to do this post is that so many people suffer because of the lack of care from either the council or from their landlords. As tenants, they have a duty of care for you to live peacefully in their property and if there is a breach of this I would urge you to seek professional legal help. I lived in my home 3 1/2 years with broken promises and just one call to the professionals changed things for me and my family for the better.

I would recommend using Michael Lewin Solicitors (referred by Simply Ladies inc) the go-to firm to use. They deal with claims nationwide and they are experts in their fields which is reassuring. Please call our number 01133934295 or email if you would like to be referred to my recommended solicitors.

Thanks for reading.





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